11 March 2015

WWDC 2015

What about Apple Watch?

My iPhone 5s is already installed iOS 8.2 that supports Apple Watch.

Although the vast majority of today's PCs and mobile devices are able to easily get the exact time on the web, Apple emphasizes the incredible accuracy of the measurement time at Watch - Watches do not deviate from the universal world standard time by more than 50 milliseconds (depending, however, on a regular synchronization with the iPhone) . When traveling to a different time zone, time change automatically to go into the settings are not necessary.

"Person" hours - it is their dial mode selection dial (a total of 9) can be accessed using the "power of touch" Force Touch - tap the screen. Watches Apple, recall distinguish a simple touch of the display and press on it.

In addition to Apple Watch the exact time, there are some specialized functions that are displayed on the dial - in the watch industry, they are called complications. For example, the time of sunrise and sunset, the next event on the calendar, weather, or tracker daily activity. Each dial is also configurable - you can select display options, colors, whether to show the second and so on - as a result of different variations receives thousands, if not millions. There have Apple Watch and stopwatch mode, timer, world clock, and an interface to set the alarm.

Also features Apple Watch from all other smart watches and closer to the clock classic was present from time immemorial in mechanical timepieces control - "crown", which is referred to as the digital crown. Turning it with your finger, you can easily navigate through the interface clock or scale an image without obscuring the screen, and pressing it to confirm the action.

During the presentation, finally spoke about the time of the Apple Watch battery. Promise that under normal use (the concept, of course, very fuzzy), the device will last 18 hours, that is, from early morning to late evening. In power saving mode in which the device only displays the time, the work will be up to three days. Charge the watch will need with a magnetic connector, equipped with an induction charger - and have to do it every night. As the clock (so far, at least) do not have the monitoring functions of sleep, it's not so scary.

Apple Watch is not waterproof. Although the manufacturer has certified the device according to the standard, immerse to a depth of one meter for up to half an hour, so do not officially recommended. At the same time, with drops of water if you fall under the rain or sweat during a workout at the gadget no problem.

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