13 March 2015

WWDC 2015

As in previous years, Apple will almost certainly view the IOS 9 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, it seems, will be held in June. Developers are likely to have access to the firmware 9 at the time to prepare their applications for renewal should see public release in the fall, along with new iPhones, if Apple keeps its latest release schedule. According to rumors, Apple plans to release a public beta test in IOS 9 ahead of its release, in order to avoid serious mistakes. Public beta testing for the firmware version is scheduled to begin with the firmware 8.3 in March.

Do you have a feature you are looking for in AI 9? Registration in the forums - our readers to discuss their IOS 9 wish list, which includes features such as widgets on the lock screen, the ability to remove the stock of Apple applications, as well as support for multiple users.

Some of the features of people hoping to be quite realistic given the recent rumors about improvements optimization, with a request for a smaller area for installation, bug fixes, and faster speeds load.

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